Author(s): Johani Xaxa


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Address: Dr. (Mrs). Johani Xaxa
Reader, P.G. Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar- 768019 Odisha
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 2,      Issue - 3,     Year - 2014

Identity politics means individuals are defined by their identity based on race, ethnicity, gender, language or religion or whatever identity that person perceived to his identity. A person may have multiple identities, but it is the identity which he or she perceives to be the defining one that determines that person’s identity. Identity Politics promotes differences and separateness to stress one’s distinct identity. Since 19th century onwards, people were mobilized on the basis of their identity and a number of movements were occurred because of their identity consciousness. This paper has intended to focus on some important tribal movements in Chotanagpur area, to protect their land rights as their identity in 19th century. The important tribal movements are Kol insurrection ,Ho insurrection, Santal insurrection and Bisra Andolan. The main reason of these movements was the ‘land rights’, which the tribals perceived as their identity.

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Johani Xaxa . Identity Politics and Tribals: A Historical Perspective. Int. J. Rev. & Res. Social Sci. 2(3): July- Sept. 2014; Page 177-179.

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